Posted by Juergen on July 8, 2010
 Table Soccer P4P Worldcup 2010 in Gäufelden

Table Soccer P4P Worldcup 2010 in Gäufelden

The entire sports world has a clear focus on – it is the Soccer Worldcup in Southafrica. Many other sports events have been banned into the second row since the Soccer Worldcup has started Middle of June.

However, just before the big event in South Africa opened the doors for all the fans from all over the world there has been another important Worldcup taking place in the heart of Germany.

I’m talking about the Table Soccer Worldcup in Gäufelden which is a small town in the Baden-Wuerttemberg. There have been more than 800 international players making their way to Gäufelden. There have been also players from our hometown Jena driving the 400 km from Jena to Gäufelden hoping for high scores in the different categories.

Besides the professional section of the P4P WM the tournament had also a “beginners category”. Beginners in a world cup doesn’t mean rookies who havn’t played much before. It was rather meant for very good players who didn’t dare yet to run their favourite table soccer sport in a professional way yet.

Florian, my son, and Felix decided to drive down to Gäufelden and to play as double team. And it was worth doing it since both won a great 3rd place!

Congratulation to both of them. The represented the table soccer city Jena in a very successful way. Looking forward to see more of these games and winners in 2011!

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